Yvette Mimieux, who found fame with ‘The Time Machine’, dies at 80

Ms. Mimieux was a child bride in “Toys in the Attic” (1963), based on the Tony Award-winning play Lillian Hellman. Mr Crowther said his performance was “spectacular but implausibly” in his Times review, which wasn’t much nicer than what he said of his co-stars Geraldine Page and Dean Martin.

In 1964, Ms. Mimieux turned her role as a convicted surfer suffering from epilepsy in the television series “Dr Kildarein a starring film role with the star of the series: she was Richard Chamberlain’s new too-nice-for-sex wife in “Joy in the Morning” (1965). She would also have become the first actress to show her navel on television.

Then his career changed. After a foray into TV series, solving murder cases as the brilliant young criminologist partner of Ralph Bellamy in ‘The Most Deadly Game’ (1970), she appeared in a series of TV movies – ‘Hit Lady’ (1974) , based on his own screenplay; “The Legend of Valentino” (1975); “Snow Beast” (1977); “Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell” (1978) – and in films like “Skyjacked” (1972), “Jackson County Jail” (1976) and “The Black Hole” (1979).

Ms. Mimieux was not immune to sniper fire. People who chose “The Time Machine” were said to have been impressed not just by its good looks, but also by its talent for “delivering good empty expression”, as observed by The Irish Times in a profile of her in 2002. In 1979, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto newspaper, found her more complicated: “She occupies a vague region far to the west of Bardot,” wrote one journalist, referring to France’s most famous sex symbol, Brigitte Bardot, “and just east of Tuesday Weld”.

But overall, the reviews weren’t mean. Pauline Kael once called her “much better actress than the roles she gets”. Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert agreed. “Miss Mimieux is better than I imagined,” he wrote during the review “Three in the attica dark 1968 sex comedy. “She’s stuck in a lot of hopeless roles.”

The 1980s found her guest starring in “The Love Boat” (1984) and playing the glamorous mistress of a store manager in the short-lived series “Berrenger’s” (1985). Then, in her forties, she gave it all up. Years later, however, she came out of retirement to play an Ivana Trump-like character in a TV movie based on Jackie Collins’ novel “Lady Boss” (1992).

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