Why this canned food is special for Green Giant

It’s all about location, location, location. Turns out, location is just as important for canned corn as it is for buying real estate. Green Giant says he grows his sweet corn in an agricultural cooperative in the “perfect growing conditions of south-west France” – and, indeed, it looks like France might just be the perfect place to do it.

By Reference.com, corn is one of the main crops grown in France; especially in the fertile pedoclimatic conditions of the Paris Basin region. In fact, he points out, around 3.5% of the total French working population works in the agricultural sector. According world atlas, France is the world’s third-largest corn exporter, producing more than 17 million metric tons of corn each year on average, making it the world’s ninth-largest producer of French corn. The Aquitaine region in the southwestern region of the country accounts for 21% of France’s total maize production, and the southwestern French state Midi-Pyrenees represents 13% (via British). Every time consumers open a box of Green Giant sweet corn, the vegetable company says, these grains are grown within 170 km of the plant to minimize transportation distance and any corn husks used are reused. as animal feed. Maybe the Green Giant should be called The Green Giant instead.

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