Webinar: Increasing ROI and Equity in Senior Housing with IoT Water Leak Mitigation Technology

Water leaks can have a significant impact on the NOI in retirement homes:

  • Toilets are the number one cause of water waste in seniors’ residences
  • Monitoring and tracking can reduce water costs by more than 20% while increasing NOI and equity value
  • Flood claims are the top and most expensive insurance claims among multi-unit properties

Join our webinar on Thursday, January 27 at 1:00 p.m. EST to find out how leak monitoring saves water and money in seniors’ residences.

Dave Duckwitz, CEO of Sensor Industries, will host the webinar. You’re going to learn:

  • How a monitoring system with wireless IoT devices dramatically reduces water utility costs while increasing NOI and equity value.
  • How flood sensors can mitigate leak damage and eliminate catastrophic flood claims (which cause millions of dollars in damage and can increase insurance premiums).

Often, water conservation and leak detection require the active participation of occupants/tenants. In residences for the elderly, this dependency is not practical. You need a solution that doesn’t depend on end users. Sensor Industries Wireless Toilet and Flood Sensors install easily and provide 24/7 monitoring, alerts and reporting.

The webinar is hosted by Seniors Housing Business magazine.


The webinar is sponsored by Sensor Industries, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company that brings new operational efficiency, increased net operating income, and water and energy savings to homeowners and residents. multi-family residences and for the elderly. To learn more about Sensor Industries, visit, www.sensorindustries.com.

This event is organized by Seniors Housing Business magazine and produced by the company’s InterFace Conference Group. For more information contact Rich Kelley at 914-309-6954 or Eric Goldberg at 404-832-8262 x 137

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