Top 10 world news: Russia launches nuclear drills, UK and France develop new missiles and more, World News

Russia kicked off its “planned” nuclear drills on Saturday hours after the United States said Russian troops stationed near the Ukrainian border were “ready to strike.” The drills come amid boiling tensions between the West and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. Separately, a group of members of the Afghan minority community, including Sikhs and Hindus, visited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence.

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Ballistic and cruise missiles in exercises: Russia flexes its muscles amid tensions

Russia has tested its latest hypersonic, cruise and nuclear-capable ballistic missiles on the ground, at sea and in the air in “planned exercises” under the watchful eyes of President Vladimir Putin, who was joined by the Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko.

Boris Johnson says he threatens Taiwan if the West does not support Ukraine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he sees one in Taiwan if the West does not support Ukraine. He demanded Western unity in the face of Russia’s threats against Ukraine, warning that any invasion would send a “shock” around the world, including in Asia.

‘India is your home,’ PM Modi tells members of Afghan minority community

It is the first such meeting and came months after the Indian government evacuated several members of the Afghan minority community following the Taliban takeover of the country last year. During the hour-long meeting, the Prime Minister recalled his speech to the Afghan Parliament in 2015.

US nuclear engineer’s wife pleads guilty in secret nuclear submarine plot

Diana Toebbe pleaded in federal court in Martinsburg on one count of conspiracy to release restricted data. Prosecutors have said they will seek a prison term of up to three years at sentencing. A teacher at a private school, she initially pleaded innocent to the charge of conspiring to communicate confidential data.

From now on, Chinese students will learn Xi Jinping’s “thoughts”

Last year, China’s Ministry of Education released a document on Xi Jinping’s “reflections on socialism” with “Chinese characteristics” to be incorporated into the school curriculum.

Amid Aukus tensions, Britain and France strike deal to develop new missiles

It comes after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the new AUKUS defense alliance with Britain and the United States will contribute to peace, stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region.

Rescue efforts continue for 12 missing in Greece ferry fire

During the night, patrol vessels combed the area off the island of Corfu in the hope of locating survivors, the Greek coastguard told AFP. Rescuers have brought 278 passengers to Corfu after the Euroferry Olympia fire broke out en route from Greece to Italy.

Here is a list of countries that remain Covid-free with zero cases so far

The WHO has released a list that shows a few countries that have zero cases of the virus. Most of these countries and territories are islands in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Politicization by some countries, says Pakistan on FATF gray list

Pakistan’s foreign ministry said it had “faithfully complied” with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) terms and hoped for “positive direction” when officials meet in Paris next week. The global financial crime watchdog has placed Pakistan on the gray list, with Prime Minister Imran’s government keen to get off the list.

India wins bid to host 2023 International Olympic Committee session in Mumbai after four decades

This will be the second IOC session in India. The country last hosted an IOC Session in 1983 in New Delhi. The IOC session is the general assembly of the members of the IOC. It is the supreme body of the IOC and its decisions are final.

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