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COURBEVOIE, France – The updated French National Electronic Identity Card (CNIe) was launched in August 2021 and will allow French citizens to conduct transactions online using their smartphones. Citizens will receive an authentication request on their smartphone. They will then place their CNIe on the back of their phone, which will communicate using Near-Field Communication technology. The mobile app will securely read and authenticate personal data contained in the card chip. Citizens will have to give their consent before authentication.

The digital identification system will be issued with a first level security certificate from the French IT agency, ANSSI, and will therefore comply with EU eIDAS regulations; Substantial and high1. The system will protect citizens’ identity data and ensure that only the authorized citizen has control over it.

“As a French company, we are extremely proud to be working on the national digital identification program. The new CNIe with its highly secure chip is an excellent example of combining a physical identification document with a digital identification to securely access online services ”, noted Pierre Lelièvre, IDEMIA Senior Vice President Digital ID

The FranceConnect platform, which underpins the program, has already attracted more than 28 million users and 900 service providers. French citizens will soon be able to safely access these services thanks to their new digital identification.

Our mission is to create and offer a user-friendly electronic identification means that facilitates and protects the online transfer of citizens’ identity data, so that transactions cannot be centralized or traced,” notedValérie Peneau, Inspector General of the Government and Director of the France Digital Identity program

IDEMIA’s expertise is helping to bring about substantial digital ID changes that are currently underway. Having successfully implemented more than 135 online and offline identification programs around the world, IDEMIA meets the needs of governments for citizen databases, identity documents and online authentication. of the identity of more secure and agile citizens.


IDEMIA, the world leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment for citizens and consumers to perform their daily critical activities (such as paying, connecting and traveling), in the physical and digital space.

Securing our identity has become a critical mission in the world we live in today. By defending Augmented Identity, an identity that ensures confidentiality and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions, we are reinventing the way we think, produce, use and protect one of our greatest assets – our identity – whether for people or for objects, when and where safety matters. We provide augmented identity to international clients in the finance, telecommunications, identity, public security and IoT industries. With nearly 15,000 employees worldwide, IDEMIA serves its clients in 180 countries.

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1July 23, 2014 The eIDAS 910/2014 regulation is designed to strengthen confidence in electronic transactions within the European Union. It creates a common framework for secure electronic interactions between EU citizens and government authorities.

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