The advent flop of Chanel, Holmes at the helm and Bambi the finance minister

Image of the week: O Christmas tree

You better be careful, you better not cry, you better not sulk, I’m telling you why: this 11m mirror-adorned Christmas tree in Bordeaux, France is made entirely of steel recyclable and recycled glass. So it must be good. Designed by Arnaud Lapierre, its presence on Place Pey-Berland, just in front of the town’s Saint-André cathedral, stems from Mayor Pierre Hurmic’s declaration last year that he would put an end to the “dear” tradition to install what he called a “dead tree” in the city. A heavily signed petition to overturn the decision came to nothing. This effort of steel and glass is a compromise, although rather than becoming completely brutalist, the workers pictured here chain it with lights. Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how beautiful are your steel branches.

In figures: the misfortunes of luxury

$ 825
Cost of a Chanel advent calendar, which even in euros (€ 729) sounds a bit like an investment purchase. He was then ruthlessly mocked on TikTok for including disappointing items like branded stickers, a keychain, and a magnet.

The luxury calendar, shaped like a giant perfume bottle, starts on December 5, instead of the more usual start date of 1, in a nod to the centenary Chanel No.5 perfume.

16 million
The original video from TikTok creator Elise Harmon has been viewed at least as many times. She followed up with more, while several other TikTok users also joined in the fun.

Get to know: Christian Lindner

With the former incumbent in the role, Olaf Scholz, promoted to become the new Angela Merkel, Europe’s largest economy has a new finance minister and his name is Christian Lindner. The leader of the Free Democratic Party – the smallest of the three parties in the new German coalition government – Lindner (42) made no secret of his ambition to become finance minister despite no previous finance, business or leadership experience of a ministry, and now he has what he wanted. Nicknamed ‘Bambi’ due to the early start of his political career – he joined the Free Democrats at age 16 – Lindner withdrew his party from coalition talks after the last German federal elections in 2017, but this time he is well in the game. bosom, espousing his flashy personal style to a brand of fiscal conservatism that doesn’t really endear him to everyone. What could possibly go wrong?

The list: Holmes again

Elizabeth Holmes, founder and former CEO of the now defunct Theranos blood testing company, stepped down in her fraud trial. But what did we learn from his responses to his defense team and the cross-examination by prosecutors?

1. The whistleblower regrets. “I’m sure I wish we had treated her differently and listened to her,” Holmes said of a young lab worker who spoke out against Theranos’ questionable claims.

2. Media relations. She was also sorry for his efforts to overturn a damaging Wall Street Journal story – which included a direct appeal to its owner, Rupert Murdoch. “We screwed up completely.”

3. Testimony of Balwani. Holmes said she was not aware of any issues with the Theranos blood testing system until a 2015 federal audit of her lab operations, led by Second-in-Command Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. She also accused Balwani, her former partner, of abuse.

4. Helicopter problem. Holmes was asked if she told investors that Theranos devices are used on military helicopters. She said she didn’t think so, as that would have been incorrect. Several investors have testified that it has done so.

5. Pharmaceutical logos. Holmes admitted to applying the Pfizer and Schering-Plow logos to a lab report presented to executives of the Walgreens drugstore chain, but claimed she hadn’t tried to fool anyone. Will the jury believe her?

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