Shortage of Covid tests at French ski resorts threatens holiday chaos

BUK skiers traveling to France are advised to travel with their own Covid test kits due to a shortage at French ski resorts.

“We advise customers to purchase a self-administered lateral flow antigen test and have it delivered before your holiday, so that you can download and validate the result within two days of your return to the UK”, explains Andy Sturt, owner of VIP Ski.

UK skiers currently in the Alps are struggling to book PCR tests or get antigen tests in time for their return trip. This morning, lawyer Nicks Johnston, who is currently in Val d’Isère, said: “You can’t get a PCR test for love or money here right now. Luckily I booked my antigen last week to go home on December 23 – you can barely get them either. “

The shortage of antigen testing presents a particular problem for families with unvaccinated children aged 12 to 17, who must undergo clinical tests every 24 hours to access indoor public spaces, including restaurants and cafes. lifts.

PCR tests are currently only carried out from Monday to Friday in certain stations, for example in Val d’Isère. On Saturday, skiers must go to Bourg-Saint-Maurice, an hour by taxi / journey, and take a test at the Oriade laboratory. On Sundays, there is currently no PCR test available in Val d’Isère. Other ski resorts, such as Val Thorens in the Three Valleys, can do a PCR test seven days a week, and tests carried out before 11:30 a.m. will return the results the same day, before 10 p.m.

Overall, PCR tests appear to cost over € 75 (£ 64) and antigen tests over € 40 (£ 34).

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