Serendipity3 $ 200 French Fries a ‘Celebration’ of New York’s Return


New York City’s upscale restaurant Serendipity3 created the world’s most expensive fries – and it has a Guinness World Record title to prove it.

Yahoo Finance had the chance to test this rich dish, which costs $ 200, and contains decadent ingredients such as truffle shavings, edible gold powder and goose fat from France.

“We get a lot of feedback. People think it’s outrageous, but a lot of people really want to try them,” Serendipity3 chef and creative director Joe Calderone said of the viral menu item.

So far, the restaurant has sold around 50 orders – with patrons ranging from couples to groups of friends. But don’t expect to step into Serendipity3 and immediately revel in the expensive creation. There is currently an eight to ten week waiting list.

“It’s really a celebration – a celebration of life and a celebration of coming back from New York,” Calderone added.

Headwinds in the supply chain ‘a real problem’

The most expensive fries in the world (Courtesy: Serendpity3)

As New York City restaurants continue to face pandemic headwinds, the inspiration behind the dish came from Serendipity3’s 18-month shutdown.

“We reopened the restaurant on July 9 and National Fry Day was July 13, so we said, ‘Hey, what can we do to make some noise and let people know we’re back? “” Calderon explained. “And that’s when we created the world’s most expensive fries.”

But despite a strong reopening, headwinds in the supply chain made it difficult for the restaurant to rebound, as basic items – from bottled water caps to cardboard – remain scarce. Even the goose fat used to create the decadent fries was a challenge to obtain.

“The supply issue has been a real issue for us… there are a lot of issues in the supply chain that are causing a lot of trouble for restaurants in New York City and across the country,” said the chef.

“It’s a lot of extra steps to find things. We have to be ten steps ahead of everything to be able to make sure that we can serve everyone in the Serendipity style,” he added.

Coupled with supply chain bottlenecks, inflationary pressures have also weighed on raw material and labor costs, causing menu prices to rise.

“This is what we have to do to survive,” Calderone said.

Serendipity3 Restaurant (Courtesy: Serendipity3)

Serendipity3 Restaurant (Courtesy: Serendipity3)

Fortunately, the restaurant said it had not suffered the side effects of the industry’s labor shortage, citing the brand’s reputation, as well as an increase in hourly wages.

Overall, the restaurant said it was almost back to pre-pandemic levels, although warrants for the COVID-19 vaccine have called into question its return.

Calderone noted how the warrants negatively impacted business early on, explaining, “at first a lot of people hesitated, but now more people are getting vaccinated.”

He added: “Everyone has been ready to comply. We haven’t really had any bribes or anyone complained about it… People know if they want to go out they have to get the shot. . ”

Restaurants struggling with vaccine demands in New York

Restaurants struggling with vaccine demands in New York

As restaurants continue to learn and operate in this new pandemic, menu innovation has been key to growth.

In addition to the $ 200 fries, Serendipity3 recently introduced a new Selena Gomez sundae (Gomez is the restaurant’s co-owner and investor), as well as a redesigned frozen hot chocolate to celebrate the iconic restaurant’s 67th anniversary.

“We created these new articles to really keep people coming back, and it works because people really respond to what we come up with,” Calderone concluded.

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