Searing heat is battering Spain, France and even England, but does Met Eireann think scorching weather will hit Ireland?

Parts of Spain will enjoy 33C heat over the Easter weekend, while the UK will experience its hottest days of the year so far.

Ireland is also expected to experience warm conditions over the next few days, but will it be as hot as other parts of Europe are experiencing?

The hot conditions come as a jet of warm air rises from France, with parts of the UK enjoying high temperatures of 22C due to the weather system.

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Does Met Eireann predict heat for Ireland?

It will be a beautiful weekend, but don’t plan any massive beach outings just yet, as temperatures won’t rise above 17°C, and that’s only in some areas.

A Met Eireann forecaster said: “Any fog or mist overnight will clear early Saturday to give a mostly dry start with sunny spells, although patchy drizzle will affect southern counties.

“During the afternoon, thickening clouds accompanied by bouts of rain will gradually move into the western half of Ireland, the heaviest half closest to the Atlantic coast. Much of the east and northeast will likely remain dry with sunny spells. Highest temperatures 13 to 17 degrees generally in moderate to cool southeast winds.”

And Sunday is actually likely to see a cold turn, rather than fine weather here in Ireland.

The forecaster adds: “A rainy start to many areas with widespread rainfall at first, followed in turn by heavy showers with a risk of hail. Highest temperatures of 12-15 degrees, but becoming cooler as let the rain clear, cool wind from the southwest.

“Becoming largely dry with clear spells Sunday evening, although scattered showers will supply western coastal areas. A chilly night with lows of 1-4 degrees in light southwesterly breezes.”

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