News from Suella Braverman: Home Secretary ‘piling chaos on broken asylum system’

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Labor has accused Home Secretary Suella Braverman of piling up “additional delay, cost, chaos and confusion” into an asylum system “already broken down”.

Speaking in the Commons on Monday, Shadow Home Secretary MP Stephen Kinnock said: ‘The Nationality and Borders Act establishes a new category of asylum seekers who the government says are not allowed to seek asylum in Britain and should therefore be returned.

“But because [the government] failed to agree a return deal with France, and because their Rwandan policy is totally unworkable, 16,000 such people have been stuck in limbo waiting another six months for a decision at enormous cost for the British taxpayer.

“So do ministers accept that their own legislation adds further delays, costs, chaos and confusion to an already broken system? he said.

Ms Braverman replied: “Workers are very good at complaining – [but] they have absolutely no solution.

It comes after the Home Secretary signed a £63million deal with France that will see British officers stationed in French control rooms for the first time.


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Rishi Sunak says taxes must rise to avoid market backlash

Rishi Sunak said the government must deliver on its promise of tax increases and spending cuts in this week’s autumn statement or risk a market backlash destabilizing the UK economy.

Prime Minister faces threat of rebellion from Tory backbenchers angry at Jeremy Hunt’s announcement that everyone in the UK will pay more tax because of the tax policies they owe unveil Thursday.

But Mr Sunak said the Chancellor had no choice but to meet expectations in international markets that he would put UK finances on a sustainable path.

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Rishi Sunak calls Russia a ‘rogue state’ for failing to attend G20 summit

Rishi Sunak said Vladimir Putin’s non-appearance at the summit means he doesn’t even try to explain his actions, despite being “responsible for so much bloodshed in Ukraine”.

Mr. Sunak wrote in the Telegraph that “we will not allow our economic future to be held hostage by the actions of a rogue state – and neither will our allies”. The Prime Minister arrived in Bali today for the summit.

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Braverman will today sign an agreement with France regarding Channel migrants

Interior Minister Suella Braverman will today sign an agreement with French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin to step up efforts to stop migrant smuggling in small boats in the English Channel.

Last Friday, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Catherine Colonna, his French counterpart, issued a statement stressing “the urgency of tackling all forms of illegal migration”.

As part of the new deal Ms Braverman will sign in Paris today, the amount the UK is paying France to cover the cost of increased patrols at their end will rise from around £55m per year to £63m.

This year so far, 40,000 people have crossed the English Channel in small boats according to the latest government data. Last year, the number stood at 28,526.

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Sunak promises ‘sustainable trajectory’ as Hunt warns of ‘sacrifices’ for all

Rishi Sunak pledged to meet market expectations with this week’s autumn budget as his chancellor warned that everyone will have to pay “a little more tax” to stabilize the economy.

The Prime Minister said Jeremy Hunt would unveil measures on Thursday to ‘put our public finances on a sustainable path’ after investors spooked by his predecessor’s £45billion tax cut windfall.

The statement is expected to include painful public spending cuts and tax hikes to plug a black hole in the country’s finances.

Mr Hunt said earlier that ‘sacrifices’ were needed at all levels to get the economy back on track.

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Fears Jeremy Hunt’s tax and spending plan will send businesses into ‘hibernation’

Businesses will go into ‘hibernation’ in a ‘decade of no growth’ unless Chancellor Jeremy Hunt combines tax hikes in the next mini budget with measures to ease rules on immigration, planning and regulation, warned the CBI.

Doing nothing to address labor shortages will be “detrimental in the short and long term”, said the trade organization’s chief executive, Tony Danker.

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CBI urges Jeremy Hunt to ease immigration rules ahead of fall statement

The head of the Confederation of British Industry, a major business lobby group, has urged Jeremy Hunt to make “tough political choices” to allow more foreign workers.

Appealing to the government days before the fall statement, the CBI said the move would help businesses struggling with staff shortages and the looming recession.

Tony Danker, the CBI’s chief executive, said its members had agreed to “tough tax choices” on spending and taxes. The CBI has warned that sectors such as hospitality, construction and manufacturing are suffering the worst staff shortages.

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Matt Hancock says winning camp leader’s vote ‘more than makes up for’ his loss to Johnson in 2019 leadership election

Matt Hancock has said being elected leader of the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ campsite “more than makes up for” his defeat to Boris Johnson in the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election.

The 44-year-old added: “Obviously it’s a great honor and a privilege to be camp leader. I want to thank everyone who voted for me.

Last week, Mr Hancock also asked his camp mates for forgiveness and said he was ‘really looking for some forgiveness’ for his Covid lockdown actions.

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ICYMI: Brexit has imposed ‘costs’ on UK economy, admits Jeremy Hunt

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt acknowledged Brexit had imposed “costs” on the UK, but insisted he did not believe EU withdrawal would impoverish Britain in the long term.

Asked by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, Mr Hunt did not deny that the UK economy had grown less strongly since the official departure date almost three years ago than it would have if the Britain had remained in the European trading bloc.

Read Andrew Woodcock’s full story here:

Maroosha MuzaffarNovember 14, 2022 05:48

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