Israeli investor Erel Margalit meets with French finance minister to promote economic collaboration


Israeli investor and entrepreneur Erel Margalit met with French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and leading figures in technology and innovation at the Élysée Palace last week to create Margalit Startup City Paris, which will function as an international innovation center that will help promote Paris as an international technology hub for Europe. The two agreed to create a set of incentives and benefits for Israeli startups and high-tech entrepreneurs to choose France as their next high-tech destination.

“The cooperation between France and Israel is of strategic importance to make Paris the international technological hub of Europe, in particular after Covid-19. We intend to promote significant advances in taxation and investment in technology, as well as provide incentives and assistance for Israeli companies to strengthen their cooperation, ”said French Finance Minister Le Maire .

Erel Margalit met with figures from the French government to promote economic collaboration. Photo: JVP

“I welcome the aspiration of the French government, under the leadership of the Minister of Finance, Bruno Le Maire and the great French economists, to create the Margalit Startup City International Innovation Center in Paris, with the aim of making Paris the next Europe’s ‘springboard for innovation’, commented Margalit, who is president and founder of Jerusalem Venture Partners and Margalit Startup City.

Margalit also met with Secretary of State for the Digital Economy Cedric O, and major French economic figures, and discussed the creation of an innovation center in the French capital, based on the Margalit Startup City model already established in Jerusalem and New York. He added that he was keen to promote taxation and other incentives and aids to help Israeli companies see France as a major high-tech hub in Europe, as well as encourage Israeli companies to undertake public offerings. initials (IPO) on the French stock exchange, and promote cooperation between Israel and France in the fields of fintech, cyber, artificial intelligence and foodtech.

Margalit met the leaders of the main French banks including Rothschild Bank, BNP PARIBAS, Cr̩dit Agricole, as well as investors and senior leaders of the French economy, including the French Governmental Innovation Fund РBPI France, the leaders of the giant Peugeot automobile, and others. During these meetings, he spoke of the strengthening of economic-strategic cooperation between the two countries and the promotion of innovation as an engine of growth in the post-Covid-19 period.

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