French games company Gameloft joins forces with WinZO

Bombay: French multinational games company Gameloft has entered into a partnership agreement with Delhi-based social gaming platform WinZO to enable popular game creator like Asphalt 9 to tap a large potential market in the country.

India accounts for 12%, or more than 150 million people, of Gameloft’s downloads, but it only accounts for 0.6% of the company’s global revenue, making it a high potential but under-exploited market. .

“With our strong market presence and deep expertise in vernacular markets, WinZO will be able to support Gameloft,” WinZO CEO Paavan Nanda told ET.

WinZO has a user base of around 70 million, with over 60% of paying customers completing over 2.5 billion micro-transactions per month.

“This puts us in a good position to help large global companies increase their presence in India’s burgeoning vernacular game market,” said Nanda. “Today India is at the forefront of the global gaming scenario and given that we are on the cusp of this opportunity, we believe we can leverage our technological and business capabilities to leverage of this boom and make it visible on the global grid. ”

By using WinZO consumers, which are largely based in Indian Tier 2 to 5 markets and consume the games in languages ​​other than English, Gameloft will be able to expand its user base.


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Gameloft is one of the leading casual gaming companies with over 150 popular games that have seen over 1.2 downloads worldwide.

“The perception from India is that despite our high volume, our users are not paying,” Nanda said. “We can help Gameloft monetize 100X better with our format because they just have to push their product to our platform, which has a massive captive audience.”

As part of this partnership, WinZO will make available its platform capabilities, such as streaming, game formats and the WinZO store, to help generate revenue for Asphalt 9.

WinZO offers over 80 games available in 12 different languages ​​and formats. WinZO Store, the platform’s integrated marketplace, allows in-app currencies to be sold for “lowest commissions” compared to other traditional app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. .

According to Nanda, more than 300 game makers have benefited from WinZO’s unique and creative onboarding process, which delivers 100 times the increase in revenue compared to other revenue streams.

WinZO is a Series C funded startup backed by global gaming and entertainment investment groups such as Griffin Gaming Partners, Maker’s Fund, Courtside Ventures, Pags Group and Kalaari. It was founded in 2018 by second times Nanda and Saumya Singh Rathore.

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