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Paris wants to shell out money for French lessons for Eurocrats and diplomats, as well as to organize every meeting in Brussels in their native language during the six-month period. The notes, minutes and preparatory meetings will all be held in French, and if a letter arrives from the European Commission in English, it will go unanswered. French is one of the 24 official languages ​​of the EU and one of the three working languages ​​used by the Commission.

But it saw its importance diminish in favor of the English, to the great disgust of the French government.

France wants to use its EU presidency in 2022 to revive French as the EU’s “lingua franca”, which officials see as a matter of cultural survival.

A senior French diplomat told the Politico website: “Even if we admit that English is a working language and that it is widely spoken, the basis for expressing oneself in French remains fully in place in the institutions of the EU.

“It must be enriched, revived so that the French language really regains ground, and above all, the taste and pride of multilingualism.

“There will be more visibility with the French presidency, so we will intensify our work. “

France will assume the rotating presidency of the bloc in the first half of next year.

It gives Paris the power to set the agenda and ensures that French officials will chair a key meeting on the bloc’s future.

France is not the first EU country to insist that Council meetings be conducted in a mother tongue.

But the practice has become much less widespread in recent years, with smaller countries often using English to ensure that it is widely understood by their colleagues.

Nuno Brito, the Portuguese Ambassador whose country currently holds the EU Presidency, speaks mainly in English during the meetings.

French foreign policy requires representatives of the country to speak their mother tongue traditionally during meetings.

During their presidency, French officials will be called upon to extend their use of French to all meetings, including “all the notes from the presidency, the Coreper working groups and anything that allows us to organize all the work. advice “.

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France often claims that the use of English in the EU should be reduced after Brexit, with Ireland and Malta the only countries to use English as an official language.

In an editorial published in April, French ministers said the country’s presidency was an “opportunity to raise this vital fight for multilingualism”.

The Minister of the hard line Europe Clément Beaune and the head of tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne conceded that the French language “had diminished in favor of English, and more often of Globish, this ersatz of the English language which narrows the field of his thoughts and restricts his ability to express himself more than he makes it easier ”.

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