ExxonMobil and Neste Team on SAF in France

Global petrochemical fuel supplier ExxonMobil has partnered with sustainable aviation fuel producer (SAF) Neste to establish commercial-scale distribution of the latter renewable fuel to major airports in France. This decision follows French legislation which entered into force on January 1 and requires airlines to use at least 1% of SAF for flights from France as part of the European Green Deal. The European objective is to achieve 2% use of FAS by 2025 and 5% by 2030.

SAF is a fully miscible and instantaneous replacement for Jet-A and Neste’s MY sustainable aviation fuel is 100% derived from renewable sources such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste. It is currently a 30% SAF / 70% jet-A blend, but once approved for 100% use it can reduce life cycle CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuel.

While a spokesperson noted that SAF availability would begin with Paris airports Charles De Gaulle and Orly, ExxonMobil declined to say when deliveries would begin.

“We provide solutions that allow customers to meet product performance requirements while reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Charles Amyot, senior manager of ExxonMobil in France. “We have the capabilities and the infrastructure to deliver this energy in a safe and reliable manner, and we will be ready to comply with the new French regulations on sustainable aviation fuel. “

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