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The French president made his remarks during a speech in Paris yesterday in which he offered an ambitious assessment of France’s role on the world stage. Macron said: “Over the past four years, we have built an unprecedented European cooperation base.

“European defense had never progressed so much since the 1950s.

“In terms of major industrial projects, in terms of joint operations, both on our soil by developing a common culture of intervention, but also abroad, whether through missions within the framework of the NATO or missions that we have developed within the European framework.

“We also continued to deploy joint financial investments, major technological innovation projects, in the priority sectors of tomorrow, and projects shared with other countries such as Germany.

Mr. Macron added: “This success is the very proof of our confidence in the future, and also of our confidence in this partnership because we have solid support.

“This is what we are building, a whole new role for our armed forces.”

Referring to Operation Barkhane, France’s anti-jihadist military force in the desert region that covers much of West Africa, including Mali, he said: only the United States could do it: be a framework nation that functions as a pilot for the whole coalition.

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Speaking to Europe 1 radio in 2018, Macron criticized then-US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw his country from a key Cold War-era arms limitation treaty .

He said, “We have to protect ourselves from China, Russia and even the United States.

“We will only protect Europeans if we decide to have a real European army.”

More recently, he said last year that Europe must play a more independent and assertive role in the world.

In a debate with students in Lithuania, he said: “We, some countries more than others, have given up our strategic independence by relying too much on US weapon systems.

“We cannot accept living in a bipolar world made up of the United States and China. “

Concerns about the prospect of a European army were also underlined last month after the emergence of the bloc which planned to spend millions to arm the “standing corps” of Frontex with 2,500 semi-automatic pistols and three million cartridges. .

Commenting, former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said: “What we have here is not just a border force, but a force that can be used internally and therefore potentially against member states.

“Europeans who value their independence should be very worried.

“The EU is now an armed superstate. It will not only flex its muscles on neighboring countries, but it will also do so internally. “

(Additional report by Maria Ortega)

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