As hotels offer coronavirus help, Trump properties do nothing


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Sunday, the official White House account tweeted A message to the generous hoteliers of America: “Thank you to hotels across the country for providing healthcare workers and first responders with a place to stay while they are on the front lines of the pandemic.” Although Trump rarely gives up an opportunity to promote himself, the White House was unable to include any of his properties in the gratitude letter. According to a Politico report, Trump hotels are not providing space for healthcare workers in U.S. cities struggling with major coronavirus outbreaks.

Never a man of great charity, Trump and his organization have not donated their buildings for the cause. In New York City, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have called for hotels to help the city in its goal of tripling its 20,000 hospital beds by next month. While at least 20 hotels have offered their services, the Trump International Hotel and Tower overlooking Central Park has not. Three hotels adjacent to the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago welcome first responders and receive “a base rate to pay for labor and operating costs.” The president’s company did not answer the call either.

While the Trump Organization is not the only one that has decided not to lend a room, their resorts are not more lucrative either: last week, the New York Times reported that the president’s company was seeking a bailout from its longtime lender, Deutsche Bank. Of the Trump properties that remain open, Politico reports that they are not doing so for financial gain. “There is no business reason to” stay open, a union official familiar with the situation told Politico. “They are trying to support what the president is pushing from the podium.”

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