As a child, he sold lemonade cross-legged. Where is he now?

Ethan Esparza has dressed for years along busy France Avenue.

MINNEAPOLIS — A boy who once sold lemonade in a business suit has carried lessons from his childhood into his adult business.

It’s just about “making customers feel appreciated,” says Ethan Esparza.

In 2007, Esparza was a 12-year-old lemonade peddler when journalist Boyd Huppert spotted the young entrepreneur selling lemonade in a suit outside his grandparents’ house on Avenue de France.

The resulting story was featured in KARE’s Land of 10,000 Stories segment.

Fifteen years later, Esparza owns Nature’s Main Technologya lead management company for real estate agents.

Esparza employs five people in its St. Louis Park office.

Last year, he says his company helped clients generate $100 million in real estate sales.

Esparza traces his commercial success to his lemonade stand.

“With lemonade, it wasn’t so much the product as the service – where customers feel valued,” says the 27-year-old.

Before moving into real estate, Esparza started a DJ business, car detailing service, and window washing business.

Returning to his attention-grabbing lemonade-selling attire, Esparza says he continues to believe in the power of a business suit, even for Zoom meetings.

“It’s always important to dress the part,” he says.

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