Air France copies Lufthansa with Airbus A350 Orchestra Stunt

On October 1, Arte Concert and France Musique will broadcast a very unusual musical film with “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky. Let’s take a closer look at the uniqueness of this event.

The Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra at the Air France hangar

On October 1, a new film will be released on Arte Concert and France Musique featuring the Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France performing Igor Stravinsky’s timeless masterpiece, “The Firebird”.

The particularity of this musical film is the unusual setting, namely one of the Air France maintenance hangars at Paris Charles de Gaulle international airport. The one-off film was directed by Andrew Staples and Daniel Harding and was shot in July 2021. Eighty musicians took part in the making of the film; in the background, near the musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra, appears one of the airline’s most modern and elegant aircraft, the Airbus A350. The Orchestra was conducted by Daniel Harding, who is not only a renowned conductor but also an Air France pilot on the Airbus A320.


The Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France performed “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky in front of one of Air France’s Airbus A350s. Photo: Air France

The idea of ​​performing Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” closer to an Air France Airbus A350 in one of the company’s hangars in Paris came to director and pilot Daniel Herding and tenor Andrew Staples . The duo’s objective was to bring the magic of music to atypical places so that as many people as possible could enjoy classical music, sometimes confined to theaters and concert halls.

Air France, which represents an ambassador of the French travel experience and has promoted culture since its creation, immediately accepted the proposal. The French standard bearer worked alongside Radio France, Arte, France Musique and the production company Camera Lucida to make the musical film. Air France passengers traveling long-haul can enjoy the film on board Air France’s long-haul fleet.

The Philharmonic Orchestra was made up of 80 musicians led by director and Airbus A320 pilot Daniel Harding. Photo: Air France

Not the first

Although Air France’s initiative may seem like the first of its kind, another European carrier has already chosen classical music played with an airplane in the background as a means of promoting itself.

In August 2021, German airline Lufthansa launched its #TogetherAgain campaign in the United States. For the occasion, the airline’s orchestra performed in front of one of the airline’s Airbus A350s in a hangar. Unlike Air France, however, the orchestra was made up of different airline employees.

The short began with 40 Orchestra members playing “Morning Mood” from Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite. Then the hangar doors slowly open to let sunlight bathe the orchestra and the airline’s Airbus A350. Finally, the Airbus takes off at sunset.

About the Air France A350

The elegant aircraft that Air France has chosen as the backdrop for the Orchester Philharmonique de Radio France is the 1.6-year-old F-HTYG.

The Air France A350 featured in the musical film is the 1.6-year-old F-HTYG, owned by leasing company Avolon Leasing Ireland. Photo: Vincenzo Pace I simply fly

According to ch-aviation, the Airbus A350-900 was delivered to Air France on March 22, 2021, while the first flight took place on February 2, 2021. The F-HTYG accommodates a maximum of 324 passengers in three classes: 266 in cabin economy class, 24 in premium economy class and 34 in business class. Air France operates the aircraft under an operating lease with the owner, Avolon Leasing Ireland, and the scheduled end of the lease is March 16, 2033.

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