10 Best Easy Home Improvements to Increase Real Estate Value

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  • Not all improvements that increase the value of your home require a complete renovation.
  • Do-it-yourself projects around the house like adding open kitchen shelving or painting the bathroom make a big impact.
  • Zillow’s home trend expert has shared 10 lower-elevator home improvement ideas to entice buyers.

When you think about increasing the value of your home, you may think of large-scale, expensive projects like replacing the roof or landscaping the yard. But you can actually make lower changes in various areas of the house that add up to a higher price when it comes time to sell.

We contacted Amanda Pendleton, Zillowthe home trends expert, to identify 10 low-rise improvements you can make to your home. She also shared data on how these small projects can add significant value. These home improvement projects involve adding visual and architectural interest, making your home more energy efficient, and creating a welcoming environment with color.

If you’re ready to dabble in simple DIY projects, we’ve rounded up 10 upgrades to boost the value of your home without renovations.

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