Online loans improve your track record

With Good Finance you can pay your bills, apply for a loan online and build a good record for your credit report.

Did you know that by asking me for an advance you can count on cash on the day? And did you know that with that silver you can do what you want? Give yourself a treat, buy something, settle a debt, fulfill a dream … But Good Finance always gives you more! Because applying for online loans improves your history On my website and paying on time, in addition to the benefits of having a quick meal, you build a good credit history. What is that? I’ll explain.

The credit history shows the way you use your money

The credit history shows the way you use your money

The credit history shows the way you use your money and provides information for others – banks, financial institutions, businesses, etc. – to evaluate your behavior when paying. Your history allows you to know, for example, how many credit cards you have, if you were granted loans online and you paid them out, if you pay your bills on time, among many other information. It literally betrays you.

But it is fine that this is the case: to ask for money you must first show that you can return it, right? If you never had a credit card, or a loan of any kind, you may not have a credit history. Although this may seem good, it is not so good. Without this history it can be difficult to get an advance, get a card, get a rent and sometimes even some work. I am not crazy! You need credit to get credit.

What information appears in the credit report?
Your personal data, credit cards, bankruptcies, bill payment dates, loans and other debts.

Can you see your credit report?

Can you see your credit report?

Yes, you can get a free annual copy of one of the three big companies that collect the data (only through the site in English). Your credit history (also known as Veraz) also gives you a score, but this number is not provided unless you pay. Anyway, everyone knows … A good track record will result in a high score, a bad track record in a lower one. No need to pay to give you an idea of ​​what your situation is.

Who looks at your credit history?
Usually the banks to decide if they lend you money, give you a credit or give you a card. Financial institutions and other businesses that provide loans or fees. Cell phone companies and insurers, among others, can also check it.

How do you build your history?
For example, paying the type of invoices that are included in these reports. Sometimes, utility companies also place information: having a service bill in your name can help you establish credit. Getting a card from a traditional bank or a store can be useful. Applying for loans online improves your history, especially those of Good Finance.

How can you improve it?
Your history will improve over time if you reduce the amount of money you owe, especially from your credit cards. Do not take out new cards (if you really do not need them), because this damages your history. Instead, you should leave open the accounts of old plastics: having credit for a long time improves your rating.

Another important factor is paying your bills on date

Another important factor is paying your bills on date

Another important factor is paying your bills on date. Did you know that at this point I can also help you? From the website or the Good Finance app you can pay all your service bills. They should not be expired, so if you pay with Good Finance you make sure you are always up to date. You can also choose the option to finance your payment. This way you will be solving two problems in one go: the bills are not due and you can cancel them even if you don’t have money.

Good Finance lends you!
– The requirements for my online loans improve your fast track record are very different.
– Although we evaluate you as an applicant to grant you the requested amount, this evaluation is completely online and is done in minutes.
– If additional information is necessary, you will be asked by mail; but you will never queue, paperwork, or paperwork.
– Today everything is online. So while your credit history may weigh on getting my loans online, they improve your history, they are much easier to take out than in traditional places.
– In addition, if you pay as agreed, you will always get more and better benefits.
– The more I know you, the more I lend you and the less I charge you.
– The more you ask me and you pay, the better track record you get.

Only 5 requirements for your personal online loan:
1. Enter the Good Finance website or download the app on your phone.
2. Be over 18 years old.
3. Have some type of income.
4. Have a bank account in your name.
5. Have a photo of your ID.

You know, with my advance you have cash in less than 24 hours, you solve your problems and in the process you make a good letter for your credit history. Online loans improve your history.

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